Exterior Detail

All of our Exterior Details Include

Tire Rims Degreased

Think of it as a polish for your shoes - except it's way cooler. We'll treat your rims with the right degreaser; from soft, non-acid-based all the way up to our "green goblin juice" to get your rims back to showroom quality.

Power Washer Rinse

Our team sprays down your car - from the roof racks to the undercarriage - to remove anything that wasn't intended to be there.

Foaming Hand Wash

Rinse, Suds, and repeat - we'll foam up and wash down your vehicle to remove any oils, dirt, and grease from the surface and crevices.

Hot Air and Towel Dry

We'll give your vehicle the special treatment - hand towel dry to prevent any water etching on your paint as we prepare it for claybar and polish.


Like a surfer crafting his surfboard, we carefully glide a claybar over your paint to remove grit trapped within.

Manual Polish and Buff

Our team polishes and buffs your car, bringing back the paint you were always intended to have.

One Year Ceramic Coating

We carefully apply ceramic to your freshly polished paint to protect it through all four seasons so you can enjoy your car all year round.


We wrap it up with window and mirror cleaning so you can look good driving away.

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Crossovers & Compact SUVs


SUVs, Vans, & Trucks